Can I connect to the Cyber Monitor Server from another computer?
A: Yes, you can connect to CM Server using an ordinary browser from anywhere. Just navigate your browser to http://ServerName:Port/, where the ServerName is the name or the IP address of the computer where Cyber Monitor server is installed and the Port is the http port number of Cyber Monitor.
Does Cyber Monitor support defining security restrictions for workstations?

Workstation security restrictions are defined with the Security Profiles. Instead of defining security restrictions on each workstation, security restrictions are defined in the CM Administrator once, and applied automatically with the customer logon. This approach enables you to have more security profiles with different restrictions. Furthermore, you can have different security profile for different customer groups and different workstation groups.

Can I use Cyber Monitor in an unmonitored environment?
A: Yes, Cyber Monitor can be used in an unmonitored environment. Cyber Monitor must be properly configured to be used:
  • 'Open new shift on startup automatically', Default Employee ID and 'Hide CM Server window on startup' options must be set
  • The default logoff state for a workstation must be set to enabled otherwise customers cannot logon by themselves on workstations
  • You must use prepaid system (use printed prepaid cards filled with an amount)
  • You can refund the amount or add additional amount to a prepaid card with the CM Administrator
  • Install CM Workstation component on the server after you have defined a proper initial settings.
How can I discover the server settings required by the workstation setup?
A: If the Cyber Monitor server component is installed and running, open the server window to see the valid settings displayed. To open the server window click on the Cyber Monitor icon in the system tray.
Which operating systems are supported for the client and for the server?
A: All windows based operating systems are supported: Windows 95/98/ME/NT.40/2000/XP at both the server and the client sides. Internet explorer 4.02 service pack 1 (version 5.0 recommended) is required at the server.
Do I need web server software?
A: No. Cyber Monitor embeds full flagged asp compatible web server that can coexist with other commercial web servers (such as IIS or Apache).
What will happen with the customer accounts if I delete the related customer group?
A: When a customer group is deleted all customer accounts, members of the group, will become members of the default customer group. There is always one customer group set as default. It is recommended that you keep that default customer group as restrictive as possible, for example with tighter security profile, prepaid payment options, price list with highest rates. Usually you will set the customer group intended for your pay and play postpaid customers.
Does your software provide any features to monitor/bill the usage of printing facilities?
A: Cyber Monitor supports monitoring and billing of printing. The pricing model for printing is based on per printer basis so you can define different price per page for different printers. Upon establishing the price per page, the usage of the printer can be accumulated on the open bills and deducted from the stored values of the active prepaid cards.
Can customers order food, drinks and other services from workstations?
A: Your customers can make orders directly from the workstation. The employee using CM Manager will be automatically notified of the order and its contents.
Can Cyber Monitor display advertisements on workstations?
A: Yes. Advertisement profiles are used to define different advertisements for different workstations. Each advertisement profile is activated when the workstation is in idle state. The advertisement profile consists of web browser supported files (asp, htm, html, gif, jpg, etc.) which could be local (in the Cyber Monitor Directory at the server) or they could be valid internet addresses. Cyber Monitor is distributed with three sample pages.
Can I disallow URLs which contain specific word?
A: Yes, you can set the list of disallowed URLs per customer group for each group of workstations separately. (Note: This feature can be used only with Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems)
Does Cyber Monitor have an option to warn the customers when their time is ending?
A: Cyber Monitor supports message and sound warnings when the customer's time is nearly up. This feature can be defined in both CM Administrator and CM Manager.
Can I reinstall Cyber Monitor without losing the previous data?
A: To reinstall Cyber Monitor without loosing the data, you must make copy of Cyber Monitor database in a folder different from Cyber Monitor folder (using 'Database Utilities' in CM Administrator) and then uninstall. After you reinstall Cyber Monitor run the CM Administration console. From the 'Database utilities' browse for the Cyber Monitor database, previously saved (or type the full path), select the database format and the data type you want to import and then press the 'Import' button.
Where can I setup the sales tax?
A: All amounts with Cyber Monitor are tax-inclusive. You will need to setup that tax info only in the receipt printing options. Cyber Monitor will calculate the amount of the sales tax backward and show the value in the receipt.
Can I change CM Workstation window outlook?
A: Yes, if you are familiar with asp/html/css you can completely redesign the CM Workstation window. You can change window height and width, window position, select which fields to be displayed, etc. The workstation pane is an asp page (wsmain.asp located in the html/ws subfolder in the Cyber Monitor folder on the computer where CM Server is installed) and it can be customized.
What is Loyalty/Rewards Program?
A: Loyalty/Rewards Program is a billing system. Using Loyalty/Rewards Program your customers can earn loyalty points for each time interval spent or item/service purchased. Earned points can be redeemed for free computer use or other goods.
How can I upgrade the number of workstations for the purchased license in the future?
A: You can upgrade the number of license by purchasing additional license pack. For example if you have Cyber Monitor 20 workstations license pack and you want to upgrade to 30 workstations license pack you will have to buy additional 10 workstations license pack.
Can I change the currency sign on the receipt?
A: Cyber Monitor works with the currency that is selected in the regional settings. You can change the currency symbol in the Regional Options - Currency in the Control Panel.
What are virtual workstations?
A: Cyber Monitor's virtual workstations are used to provide billing solution for games consoles, like Play Stations, Xboxes, etc. In other words the virtual workstations module is only a timer, and it is not connected with these consoles.
Can I translate Cyber Monitor to another language?
A: Cyber Monitor includes Language editor and you can translate only the workstation part to any language by yourself. The number of messages is not large.
To access the language editor navigate to Languages in the CM Administrator.


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