What's new
What's new in Cyber Monitor 2004 v3.0
Enhanced control of printing
CM Printing module has been enhanced in order to provide more consistent monitoring and billing of the printing service for Cyber Monitor users. It notifies Cyber Monitor about the total pages printed including number of copies. Additionally, Cyber Monitor can be customized to prevent customers from printing if their account balance doesn't cover printing costs.
Web Based Management Console
Besides the standard Rich Client CM Manager, Cyber Monitor now also provides completely web based CM Manager. The new web based CM Manager is a perfect solution when you need additional CM Managers in order to have multiple operators and when you want to access the CM Manager using an ordinary browser without installing CM Server component.  
Workstations Layouts
Workstations Layouts are intended to ease the management of the workstations particularly in large internet cafes.
Using Workstations Layouts you can associate group of workstations with the physical location of workstations in your cyber café or with a particular operator.
Waiting List
Waiting List feature is used to manage customers who are waiting a logon on an already occupied workstation.
Remote desktop administration with RealVNC 4.0
Using RealVNC 4.0, Cyber Monitor now provides convenient way to connect to and administer a workstation in real time.
New way to continue customer session on another computer
Now you can continue customer session on another computer with a single click, only by selecting the new workstation and without dragging the bill.
Transactions associated with the employee account
Besides being associated with the Shift ID, now all transaction (payments, close bill, points redemption, etc) are also associated with an employee.
Timeout Message display duration
Now, you can define how long the Timeout Message will be shown at the workstation.
What's new in Cyber Monitor 2004
Loyalty/Rewards Program
Cyber Monitor includes a Loyalty/Rewards system, seamlessly integrated into the existing billing system. With the Cyber Monitor Loyalty/Rewards Program, your customers can earn loyalty points for each time-interval spent or item/service purchased, which can then be redeemed for free computer use or other goods.
Multi-site Consolidation System

Now, with the new multi-site consolidation system your customers will be able to use a single customer account (prepaid card) in all your internet cafes. The billing data and the customer account balance will be consolidated through a central server to all your local sites. Each local site operates autonomously with its own local server and a local database which means the site will be operational even if the connection with the central server is broken, resulting in a very high availability. Once the connection with the central server is reestablished all changes will be automatically synchronized.

Windows users for customer groups
With each customer group you can associate a separate windows user. With the customer logon, Cyber Monitor will enforce the security and the other settings of the windows user on the used workstation.
Extended Cleanup options
With the cleanup procedure the workstation is prepared for the next customer. Besides Close All Applications, cleanup procedure is enriched with: Delete 'My Documents' files, Delete IE Temporary files, Delete IE History, Run Script, Define which applications to be started or closed. And you can define which cleanup operations to be performed on customer logon and logoff. 
Transfer license system
Now you can transfer the Cyber Monitor license to another computer by yourself without our help.
Last active shift can be continued
You are not forced to open a new shift every time the server is restarted, any longer.
Workstation as Windows service

The workstation component is now designed as a Windows service to provide better security.

Customizable Workstation window
You can customize the CM Workstation window outlook completely: change window height and width, change its position, etc.  if you are familiar with HTML/Asp/Css.
Virtual workstations
Cyber Monitor now supports virtual workstations. The virtual workstations feature provides billing solution for Play Stations, Xboxes and other special equipment.
URL statistics
Detailed URL visits reports available.
Open Applications List per customer
With the CM Manger you can view all open applications by customer and close any if needed.
New way to define Disallowed Applications
New redesigned Disallowed Applications interface which now allows you to manage and define disallowed applications very easily. 
What's new  in Cyber Monitor 2003
Printing monitoring and billing
Cyber Monitor supports monitoring and billing of printing.

The pricing model for printing is based on per printer basis so you can define different price per page for different printers.
Billing of other services
Cyber Monitor supports billing of other services like scanning, food and drinks.

Your customers can even make orders directly from the workstation. The employee behind the counter (CM manager component) will be automatically notified about the order and its contents.
Advertisement profiles are used to define different advertisements for different workstations. Each advertisement profile is activated when the workstation is in idle state.
Disallowed URLs (Windows 2000/XP)
You can set a list of disallowed URLs for each group of workstations separately.
Timeout messages and sound
Timeout messages and sound when the customer's time is nearly up.


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